Our main profiles

Day old chick trasport

With more than 30 years of experimence, our company is a safe choice for chick trasportation!

Egg transportation

We handle the egg transportation with absolute care and professionality.

A brief introduction

Our company has nearly 30 years of practical experience. Started in 1994 as a private company, and by 2005 it became a Ltd. Our main profile is day-old chick transport, but over the years we specialized in more types of transport, such as feed and egg transport throughout Europe. Our vehicles equipped with the latest VEIT technology for transportation. Our vehicle fleet is constantly renewed, evolving to meet the transport needs, guaranteeing maximum quality. Throughout the years we worked and still working with companies such as Aviagen, Hy-Line, Tetra etc. All our vehicles are driven by the same drivers with multiannual livestock transport experience from the moment of our purchases, who are instructed by two fluent communicators at 24 hours a day, based on the agreement between the payer and the host partners.